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Recent Awards

For Excellence in Video Production

"Addy" Awards

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(The Hutton Settlement Children's Home)

Bob Baker is a 92 year old alumni of

the Hutton Settlement.   He explains

how Hutton shaped his destiny

...and why his yard is full of flamingos. 



(Rockwood South Hill)

Age shouldn't stop you from pursuing

your dreams. Sally is a 73 year old equestrienne

who started riding horses in her 50s. 

She's a beautiful athlete...

and an inspiration to us all. 



(Walker Construction

with A Way Home Washington)

Spokane worked to bring 100 homeless youth

off the streets and into housing which

would change their lives.   This is one story. 



(Walker Construction with

the Yakima Housing Authority)

A unique housing solution provides a new

beginning for a homeless

father and his family. 



(Walker Construction with

the Hutton Settlement)

The Looff Carrousel is a 100 year old

Spokane Treasure.   When it was first opened

in Riverfront Park, kids from the Hutton

Settlement were given the first ride.   

Walker Construction arranged for a new

generation of Hutton kids to come on site

and learn about the renovation of the Looff. 

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