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The 8:30 AM meeting...otherwise known as:  "Maybe we should hire a producer."

They have their coffee.  You have their attention.    Your idea for a bold, video-driven content strategy is followed by the question  "How much will that cost?"  "Can we launch by March 1st?"  And then:  "Who's filming?"


The intern says, "I have a camera."


Video content is an essential component of marketing success. One study found it to be 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined. In fact, merely mentioning the word 'video' in an email subject line, increased the click-through by 13%. 


But if you're reading this you've already decided you want your content to be different. Not budget-breakingly different...but insightful and engaging.   You want to impress and captivate an audience that needs you.   We can help. 


Edison Creative is the team that builds the team that helps you get things done


All of our Inland Northwest cinematography shops have their strengths and weaknesses.  They have different shooting styles, cameras and pricing models.   We'll help you navigate that and build the team that best suits your project and your vision.   


We get to know you, your audience, your goals.  We'll develop the concept, budget, script, schedules, shot-sheets.  We'll direct on-site and provide additional filming as needed.   We will usually provide the editing services and art-direct any motion graphics required.    

Our involvement provides exceptional creativity and a layer of project management and efficiency that will almost always save you money.   


Whether you want one four-minute film to play at a fundraising event,  a series of weekly educational videos, a podcast, photos...or all of those, we'll provide the vision and team to bring your content to life.  

Meet The Contributors

KF-Headshots-2019-18 BW.jpg

Kris Faulkner

Stories are how we see, share, feel and learn. 


As a producer/director, I'm passionate about the power of story.  I also love  building the strategy that gives your content purpose. With over 25 years as a creative and marketing professional, I thrive on helping you the people that matter to you. 

Spokane Boxing 19-7.15 -45 BW.jpg

Max Delsid

Max has a breadth of technical expertise and a visceral, captivating shooting style. 


He sees the story.  

His shots have presence.


   He enjoys collaboration and artistic give-and-take.   Which means your projects are beautifully realized …and filming is fun.

Jesse BW.jpg

Jesse Slesar

Jesse has a gift for visualizing cinematic aerial shots...and executing

 them flawlessly. 

He has invested in top-quality gear and is currently the region's only pilot to have been granted a "Night Waiver."  No, that's not a new local pub. It's FAA permission to fly in the dark.  Which makes for some very cool aerial shots. 

Sam Orchard BW.jpg

Other Collaborators

Our Inland Northwest film-making community is small but mighty.  

We are not L.A. 

We don't need to be.   


We work with some incredibly talented film professionals...

 and they're right here.



Inland Film Company

North By Northwest

ILF Media


Recent Awards

"Addy" Awards

(click title to play)

(The Hutton Settlement Children's Home)

Bob Baker is a 92 year old alumni of

the Hutton Settlement.   He explains

how Hutton shaped his destiny

...and why his yard is full of flamingos. 



(Rockwood South Hill)

Age shouldn't stop you from pursuing

your dreams. Sally is a 73 year old equestrienne

who started riding horses in her 50s. 

She's a beautiful athlete...

and an inspiration to us all. 



(Walker Construction

with A Way Home Washington)

Spokane worked to bring 100 homeless youth

off the streets and into housing which

would change their lives.   This is one story. 



(Walker Construction with

the Yakima Housing Authority)

A unique housing solution provides a new

beginning for a homeless

father and his family. 



(Walker Construction with

the Hutton Settlement)

The Looff Carrousel is a 100 year old

Spokane Treasure.   When it was first opened

in Riverfront Park, kids from the Hutton

Settlement were given the first ride.   

Walker Construction arranged for a new

generation of Hutton kids to come on site

and learn about the renovation of the Looff. 

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