(Hutton Settlement Children's Home)

The Hutton Settlement is an alternative to foster care where kids live in a family environment.  This family setting is foundational for the healing and transformation Hutton kids experience. 


We were approached by this Spokane non-profit to produce a video in support of their Centennial fundraising campaign.   Our directive was to explain Hutton's unique, relationship-based service model in a way that was concise and compelling. 

We began with a story... 

Director / Producer / Editor: Kris Faulkner

Director of Photography:  Sam McGhee

Second Camera: Kris Faulkner, Max Yuryev, Jon Kuritz

Aerial Cinematography: Jesse Slesar, Jed Puryear


“There are some games you don't get to play unless you are all in.”
― Jordan B. Peterson